Critical thinking is a requirement for any person that wishes to perform at their optimal level, at their very best.  In so doing, increasing their level of performance wholistically, mentally as well as physically, the person opens up possibilities and opportunities.  They allow themselves to actively work on seeking out their own Critical Success. 


CRITICAL SUCCESS is the planned achievement of something urgent and essential, utilizing skillful planning and judgment for the express purpose of attaining personal prosperity.


How do we become a critical thinker?  What at its very core constitutes the path of progression?  How do we make this easy and as we work our way towards solving problems of higher complexity maintain the ease in approach that we learn initially? 

3FE is the tool of motivational empowerment, named as such for a few very simple reasons.  It is indeed a tool.  As you confront a problem you can readily put this tool in your mental hand and engage in problem-solving, it stands for Find, Focus, establish the Fundamentals, and Execute.  The acronym eases the task of remembering the tool, and what it stands for.

It is the simplest of problem-solving methodologies, the motivational tool for personal empowerment.  FIND, gather the data.  Seek it.  Leave no stone unturned.  FOCUS, look at the gathered data with a discerning eye.  Question the data.  Construct relationships.  Turn the data into meaningful information. Establish the FUNDAMENTALS, examine the information thoroughly, changing what is applicable to the situation into actionable steps.  Build your plan.  Finally, EXECUTE!  Luck is nothing more than preparation colliding with emphasis at the intersection of fate and opportunity.  Find the data.  Focus on the data.  Establish your Fundamental Plan.  Then, Execute!  3FE!