I am D.S. Brown and I am an Organizational Relationship Expert. I utilize critical thinking in order to analyze and assess individual and team dynamics for improvement and strong positive outcomes. This same skill set is utilized as a powerful problem solving tool.  I'm a leader and a follower, a perspective seeker, and an influencer.  I love people and I love seeing them succeed. 

PLEASE NOTE I AM NOT YOUR COACH!  I will not be your run-of-the-mill everyday throwing up a website I can fix your problems try my methodology listen to my words and I will fix your life MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER.  What I am is a provider of tools, an avid thinker that promotes solutions, a good listener, a discerner, an always aspiring critical  thinker that is willing to help. 


I'm also the developer of the Tool For Motivational Empowerment, 3FE: Find, Focus, establish the Fundamentals, Execute. The everyday person's critical thinking tool for problem solving that enhances, motivates, and empowers the individual.

I'm also the founder of HypeFan, a global promotional brand representing all true fans.

I'm also an Information Technology professional responsible for the envisioning, planning, budgeting, development, and implementation of highly complex systems applications. My level of responsibility requires dynamic management of diverse, disparate technical and business oriented teams; strong communication and coordination with customers, partners, upper-management, as well as peers, direct reports, and parallel development teams, both onshore and offshore.

Finally, I'm an author with a passion for the written word and a true Southern Gentlemen. For me, writing is life. I've written several books covering everything from new super hero CHAMPION to Critical Thinking and President Obama to Atlanta’s Freaknic. 


Creating High Performance Teams

Organizational Relationship Competency

General Educational & Motivational Speaking

Application of Critical Thinking Skills

Information Systems Design

Project Management

Project & Systems Analysis:  Selection, Design, Monitoring and Evaluation



Critical Success; The 2 Rules of 3

Letters To My Mother

An Educational Primer For The Majority Student

Why I Voted For President Barack Hussein Obama II

Griots II: Sisters of the Spear (Contributor: The Antuthema)


When Atlanta Freaked (A Freaknic Tale)

Anger & Thieves 

When Love Is Not Enough

THE TRUTH: How To Become A Critical Thinker